India travel tip – how to eat bananas safely

For first-time travelers to India, eating can be one of the main causes of fear.

“Will Delhi be pregnant?”

The answer is a resounding “Probably!” But don’t let it take you on a journey in the world’s most magical country.

OK, back to bananas. This is how you should eat bananas in India. Hold it with one hand while you carefully peel it with the other … So far, it’s like eating at home. But this is the key part that you need to make sure that if you touch the outside of the banana you will not touch the portion you are about to eat.
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why? What might make you sick is not a banana. But as a pathogen in small water droplets etc. on the outside of the banana So, for peelable fruits, make sure to touch the outside. Besides, the inside is a little tricky orange, but you have it.

For the same reason you shouldn’t get a restaurant salad or a free glass of water that you get along with your meal, the salad will be great, but the rinse can make you want to die. In some restaurants that cater specifically to foreigners, they might tell you they have ‘filtered water’ which will be okay for you, so this isn’t a comprehensive rule. But be guided by the environment if it’s a five star hotel You are right to eat anything because everything is made for foreigners to eat. But if you’re in a small roadside stall out of nowhere and all the patrons are local residents, play it safe or you could end up ruining it. Your holiday. Also, don’t travel to India without comprehensive travel insurance.You don’t want to find yourself really sick without anyone calling.

Regarding taking New Delhi to be pregnant for the first time traveling to India, this is the consensus. Most people are more likely to get sick in the first week if they dine in well-known local restaurants, moreover, if they eat from street stalls or drink milk or yogurt, whatever the local power supply. Unstable (It’s everywhere, anyway). But with the dozens of repeat travelers that I know personally, no one ever gets sick in the future except maybe a cold here and there.

It’s like your body only needs an Indian baptism, you’re fine. It’s a baptism by both fire and water, you can say. But it’s worth it when India gets under your skin, not to mention through your digestive system, you won’t be the same.

And one more thing about bananas – they can be fatal in many ways. Don’t eat it in front of a monkey in a city that is starving, or you might have a nasty fight, did I mention travel insurance?